Week 10 (11/09/17, 12/09/17) Final Week

Animated Logo Cont.

Receiving feedback and requested changes to the version of the animated logo I created last week, Sam had developed a new poster for and asked to make the animation more consistent with it like using the same font and similar layout of type. Additionally, I added changed the test in the second composition to have a ‘pop-up’ effect after the logo has appeared.

In the first composition I added a new text element that flickered on, like a light bulb, as the animated planet spins around which involved learning a new expression for opacity once it has been Alt-clicked which was “wiggle(15,100)” and then overlapping it with a copy of the same object. After making the following changes, I collected all the files needed for the project, zipped them up and uploaded them to the Google drive.

Flux Prep.

Most of my final day was spent collecting files and uploading them to the Google Drive and helping out with preparation for the Flux event (which is this Saturday) by spreading out flyers. Week 9 (04/09/17, 05/09/17)

Confidence Re-Brand Icons

Started off the week with continued project work on Confidence’s new branding, as they had decided on a logo/brand to move forward with, by researching into icons that other dentist’s brands had used to compare and create concepts for icons for Confidence. Due to the brevity of this task all the concepts were created on an Illustrator file, and the concepts for the logos were to have one for each areas of services that confidence offered.

After showing my initial concepts to Sam, he asked me to add gradient to the icons I had created to allow for better brand consistency with the logo. I used the gradient tool on the icons and used a circular gradient to replicate the effect on the new brand’s logo as Sam requested. Animated Logo

The next project was to create an animated logo for to display at their flux event in over a weeks time. I made note of Sam’s request of the logo, he wanted an animated planet with the logo on it to represent an “out of this world” feel. After sketching out storyboards of the concept, I started to create the animated logo in Adobe After Effects. Using the Sphere CC effect in conjunction with a texture I had created for a ‘planet’ in Illustrator, I created the spinning globe effect initially requested.

Following this I used the a combination of the Fractal Noise, Colorama, and Starburst CC effects to create the stars effect behind the planet. After this initial composition, I transitioned the animated logo into another composition which had the logos next to services that the company provides. Week 8 (29/08/17)

  • Developed CineTub logos, which were organised and sent to Tom over weekend as he requested.
  • Using the previously established branding for Confidence Dental Surgery, I created an image for them to use on their social media pages to advertise their cosmetic services that could offer customers.
  • I created a template to send to a printing company for Flux event that is running with Virtual Reality Jersey, which involved in placing the lines on the document with different colours depending on where the printing company needed to print or cut.
  • Exported school posters into a new format and added titles requested by the client to the posters.
  • Created social media image for to advertise different services that offer to potential customers and to increase user engagement on their social media pages. Week 7 (21/08/17, 22/08/17)

Cine-tub Logos Cont.

Further development of the “Cine-tub” logos in Illustrator after receiving feedback from Sam and Tome on where to improve logos and new ideas to create.

Such as altering the type for the clapperboard style logo to create a “bubble” text in a subtle link to water. Creation of a “wave” themed logo by using the shape builder tool and the shape tool, as well as further developing this logo into a film reel to tie both aspects of the business together.

Following on from this, I cleaned up the logo concepts by expanding them and adding any type required and move them into a new document to present them professionally to the client as brand concepts. If the client liked one, the brand would be further develeoped from that point. Week 6 (14/08/17, 15/08/17)

School Poster Cont.

Created vector based school space poster based on last weeks Jungle/Road poster. Similar theme of seven steps, based around behaviour but also when designed I had to take into account that this poster was for an older age group. Started as a “galactic road” and developed in to 7 stage map of solar system, which planets would slowly look worse the further away they got from good behaviours and it would also have less light form the sun.

Finishing touches on both school posters, such as adding titles, realigning objects, adjusting font and text size and adjusting composition of colours and objects.

Cine-Tub Logo

Cine-Tub/SplashScreen (Previously known as Pop-Up Cinema) work on logo continue. Name of company confirmed, which meant a change in logo concepts as they moved away from an open/broad logo that could lend better towards expansion of business and decided on directly aiming for their specific niche of a hot-tub cinema event.

Sketched out new ideas for logos, with a general theme of trying to link symbols or themes of water/swimming/hot-tubs with themes of cinema/film/movies.

Sketched ideas, received feedback and offered my choice of logos to pursue (main being a minimalist clapperboard that looks like a hot tub, with type acting as the body of the image). Started recreating these sketch in illustrator to present back to Sam and Tom for changes and final concepts. Week 5 (07/08/17, 08/08/17)

 Dome VR Brand

Briefed on concept for new business “DomeVR” a virtual reality arcade that would allow customer to pay to play on VR games in the style of an old arcade. Sam and Tom briefed me that the logo should be focused on an oval or dome shape to represent the name of the brand and the location of the business.

Began sketching out concepts with a focus on spheres, circles and ovals to recreate the idea of a “dome.” I created logo sketches that represents the USP of the businesses, such a VR goggles, and stylised type that makes use of negative space to also create images that represents the brand.

Translated favoured logos into Illustrator and began develop further, one being stylised type that spells out dome using ovals for each letter creating one connected shape. Additionally, Tom was interested in a logo that was  like a reticle for a gun to represent games like FPS’.

Searched for different colour schemes that could be used for the arcade, using bright colours to represent the playful and gaming aspects of the business. Also, a concept for a colour scheme was using neon colours to represent a retro style of arcade from the 80s along the lines of Tron.

School Project.

Started work on a poster for a primary school to act as a “goodness” chart to display to students how well they are behaving. The brief was for the chart to have seven stages along a road, and to make it playful as it will be for children. Each stage was given it’s own individual name, by the client. The poster was made to look like a jungle, with friendly animals along the road and has a gradient that reduces the colour the further down the poster you go to represent the stages of bad behavior. Week 4 (31/7/17, 02/08/17)

NickyPT Business card Designs

NickyPT was shown the options for logos that myself and Sam created for his brief, and chose one that he wanted to move forward with after adding some changes.  I was tasked with taking this logo and new brand for him, and creating “minimal” business cards that just feature his logo and information about his business.

Illustrator CineTub Logos

Recreated logos in Illustrator to develop and present my concepts for brand and names for pop-up cinema business. Using a colour scheme featuring a bright blue with darker tones of grey and black to emphasise the blue.

The business concept may change from hot-tub cinema events to various kinds of pop-up cinema events, and so was asked to not specify logo with water or hot tubs.

Develops a “general” logo to represent to “pop-up” or “limited” concept of the brand, presenting the use of a minimalist jack-in-the-box logo. Work on logos on hiatus until business decision (direction of specifying business or generalising) are made final.

Carrefour Documents

Carrefour Gym required an update on their current websites and welcome documents for new members of their gym, because of their slight above market cost they wanted to ensure this “quality” was represented.

Designed and created a layout for a timetable of their lessons and sessions offered at the gym from Monday-Friday. Additionally created a “rating” version of the logos which is split into segments that are highlighted in colour depending on how intense/difficult the session/lesson is on the timetable. Week 3 (25/07/17, 27/07/17)

Confidence Re-brand:

This week I was tasked with creating concepts for a new brand for Confidence Dental Surgery. Involving a total re-brand of the company’s pre-existing brand, the new brand was an open brief but the clients did want a focus on their “higher end” service as well as a a brand that wasn’t specific to dentistry as they offered cosmetic treatments.

Researched dentistry brands online through search engines and by gathering brand packs on Pinterest to use for inspiration and to see what is the norm in the industry. Taking these ideas forward I started to sketch out concepts for potential logos, trying out different concepts like use of geometric shapes or Gestalt theory .Brand for “Confidence” to be a premium service or option for dentistry as they are not the cheapest, they want to stress their quality of service.  Colours to represent this and seen on other brands researched would be a blue (clinical, calm, intelligence) or a Light purple (Similar connotation, but also purple representing royalty, therefore higher price range)

Using Illustrator I recreated the logos I sketched that Sam thought had the most potential, this included a geometric tooth, cartooning smile, Confidence typography and a geometric C.

Hot Tub Cinema Business Branding:

Briefed with the concept of a pop-up cinema with the USP being that customers get to watch films in a hot-tub, and with the task of creating a brand that could represent this concept.

Researched pop-up cinemas and how they brand themselves, reporting this information and giving examples to Sam and Tom of styles and tones to represent this type of business.

I narrowed down the concept for a brand between two “themes,” classy or playful. I reached this conclusion because the brand I researched could fit into either of these categories, either using bright colours and decorative type or a minimalist style with use of luxury colours like gold or silver.

Following this pitching of two brand concepts for the pop-up cinema that had yet to be named, I brainstormed the names for the business that could fit either brand theme to later ask Tom and Sam which to go with out of the best I create.

While brainstorming names, I started sketching out the concepts for the logo simultaneously using the names I created to inspire sketches and vice versa. The sketches and named focused on the trying to match the theme of water/hot tubs and films. Week 2 (17/7/17, 18/7/17)

Cont. Confidence Posters:

Following on from last week, I continued developing the posters for Confidence Dental Surgery.  Sam offered feedback to improve the posters, which included reducing the overall size of the content on the poster to take into account that it will be A4, so this text and images do not need to be over sized to be visible.

After adjusting the original poster according to the feedback, I was asked to quickly produce several more iterations with a different layout and then any designs which were liked most could be further developed and published. I gathered inspiration for several other designs, I continued to look at Confidence’s previous advertising material.

Sam recommended using ImageSplash to use free stock images that could be used for posters rather than just reusing an image from a previous poster. When looking for images it was important to find one with a focus on a good smile to represent Confidence’s business with teeth, and quality of care with a sense of happiness or being content.

Once I had developed four more posters, which were developed by changing images, layout and alignment of the content Sam and Tom decided on which poster to use as the final concept.

After adding the final touches I uploaded to the Illustrator file to Google Drive, for Sam to be able to access to make any change he saw fit before handing it off.

NickyPT Logo

My next role was to develop concepts for a logo/brand for a Dubai based self-employed personal trainer, NickyPT,  following his brief. He wanted a logo that well represented his business style (Very personal, and unique for each customer) as well as have a focus on a blue, black and white colour scheme. He also stressed how he didn’t want a traditional logo for a PT like dumbbells.

Initial research into personal trainer logos and brand was undertaken on Pinterest to provide concepts and inspiration on a board for reference. Ideas developed with same to make use of negative space and/or lightning symbol to represent energy.

Research inspiration was used to start developing sketches to create concepts to later recreate in Illustrator, with a focus on using negative space between the letter “N, P & T.” Including trying to incorporate the lightning bolt symbol in the negative space.

Following this, I started recreating logos from sketches that were approved by Sam, as well as developing new concepts on Illustrator such as a circular logo that represent a pulse of energy that could feature a “n” or a lightning bolt symbol.

Taking the logos concepts a step further I developed and tested different colour schemes and fonts to use for the brand, including a black and white version of the logos when needed. I submitted all this work to Sam, so he could send examples of the logo he and I had developed so the client could choose his preferred and any changes he would want to make.

Functional Foodie

Following branding for a personal trainer, I was given the job to create brand concepts for another personal trainer. Called the “Functional Foodie” he was an Instagram based PT that wanted to focus on being a practical or realistic PT that allowed you to eat what you want.

For the brief, he was thinking of the imagery of a pig/hog as a strong animal that also represented indulgence in a form of food. Additionally, he liked the concept of a vintage bottle cap to represent the chance to indulge in beer through his personal training. Finally he did make clear that he was open to alternative concepts to the ones he had offered.

Towards the end of the day, when I received this brief, I started developing sketches for logo concepts based off  the client’s brief and the Pinterest board I had previously created for personal trainers brands.